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What is Collagen and What Is It Good For?

What is Collagen and What Is It Good For?

Why do so many skincare brands have products claiming to improve collagen production? What is Collagen and what does Collagen do in skincare?

23 Dec 20

Collagen is one of the most used words on skincare products. Why do so many skincare brands have products claiming to improve collagen production? Is it just another marketing word? Let's take a look at all you need to know about Collagen!

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most common and abundant protein naturally produced by the body. It is found in blood vessels, teeth, nails, gut lining, bones, tendons, muscles and skin. The role of Collagen is to give the body structure. It is like a pillar that holds all skin layers together and it fights gravity.
Our body produces plenty of Collagen when we are young. However, the game change starts around the age of 25, when the production of collagen starts to decline. Even worse, the amount of Collagen in the body will then decrease up to 50% in our 40s and 70% in our 60s. That is why when we are young our skin is so smooth and plump and shows no fine lines, whereas older skin loses its firmness and even tone and wrinkles start to appear.

What other factors affect Collagen production?

Besides the natural ageing process, a few other external factors can accelerate Collagen loss. Good news is, all of the factors below can be stopped by you today!

  • Sugar

I was sad when I first heard that sugar can age my skin! As much as I try to ignore this fact when eating chocolate or drinking cocktails, it is brutally true. Once sugar gets into your bloodstream, it attaches to proteins that produce harmful compounds (called AGE’s) that break down Collagen and elastin. Accumulation of this attack to Collagen and Elastin eventually causes wrinkles and lack of firmness in the skin.

  • Smoking

Smoking decreases the synthesis of Collagen production and damages Collagen and Elastin fibres, causing sagging and premature lines. Smoking also contributes to what we call "smoker’s lines", which are vertical wrinkles around the mouth. These lines are created with the pursing lips draw on a cigarette over and over, causing Collagen and Elastin to be overused and age much quicker than other areas of the face.

  • Sun

UV rays penetrate deep into the dermis creating Free Radicals, which attack the skin structures destroying Collagen and Elastin fibres.

Do Collagen creams help with wrinkles?

Collagen in a cream normally can not be absorbed topically by the skin. That's because Collagen molecules are too large to penetrate the skin. However, most creams can still benefit the skin by staying on the surface giving the skin smoothness, softness and hydration.

Do Collagen Supplements help with wrinkles?

What about when Collagen is in oral forms, like a supplement or powder? Unfortunately there isn't enough evidence to support the claim that those supplements or powders will help with fine lines and wrinkles. There are mixed results from various studies, but luckily more positive, rather than negative. We still need long-term, higher numbers of studies to conclusively affirm those supplements effectiveness.

What can help maintain Collagen levels in the skin?

Our 4 top skin tips on helping with collagen are:  

1. The best way to prevent Collagen loss is to WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERYDAY! Yes, every single day. As mentioned early, UV rays are the number one enemy when it comes to skin ageing.

2.  RETINOL is the next best thing you can use to prevent loss of Collagen. Retinol can help rebuild Collagen and Elastin fibres and it helps your skin regain firmness and smoothness.

3. The third product to avoid loss of Collagen is VITAMIN C. Vitamin C stimulates Collagen production and on top of that, it fights sun damage!

4. Apply products that contain powerful peptides which help stimulate the production of collagen to boost firmness and elasticity.

Our top products that target your collagen

  • SPF and moisturiser-in-one
  • Perfect for a combination skin type
  • Peptides stimulate collagen
  • Provides long lasting hydration
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  • Dual serum- targets past damage and slows down future ageing
  • Doubles the skins luminosity
  • Reduces visible wrinkles in 4 weeks
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  • Ultra-stable Vitamin C
  • Brightens, firms and reduces fine lines
  • Enhances SPF protection to UV rays
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  • Accelerates cell renewal
  • Diminishes appearance of fine lines
  • Improves skin firmness
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There are treatments available to help your skin stay young. If you'd like to know more about the treatments we offer and our products, book a Free Skin Consultation with us!

About the Author

My name is Sao, and I have been in the Skincare Industry for over 13 years. My background is Japanese, and in my time as a Skin Therapist, I have had the opportunity to work in luxury hotel spas both in Japan and Australia.

I have been fortunate to connect with clients from many different backgrounds and lifestyles. During this time, I learnt to understand the inseparable relationship between the skin's health and lifestyle, environment, mental space and genetics. That has given me an incredible level of passion and also motivation to be detailed in my consultations and to create personalised skin regimes.

I love results-driven treatments, but I also believe in relaxation and a sense of 'being cared for'. My approach aims to benefit skin, mind and body.


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