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Bedtime Rituals for Healthy Skin

Bedtime Rituals for Healthy Skin

We know that many of us are not getting enough sleep. And it’s not necessarily for lack of trying, but often because we struggle to switch off and wind down at night.Sadly, you can’t have great skin without good sleep. It’s the only time skin can truly repair itself. When we visit the land of nod, stress hormones taper off, giving skin time to regenerate. Collagen production ramps up, smoothing out fine lines, plus, growth hormones are produced in higher volumes, adding muscle mass that strengthens and firms.

13 Apr 20

Prioritising time to switch off and get a recommend 8 hours sleep is a start. But as mentioned, the challenge can be the getting to sleep part…Here are five easy tips to take the edge off and give you more zzzs (and healthier skin!):


1. Turn off electronics and dim the lights 30 minutes before bedtime

Resist the urge to scroll through Instagram while you wind down: the blue light emitted by computers, tablets, TVs and your smartphone prevent the production of melatonin, a hormone that tells your body it’s time for bed.


2. Make your room as dark as possible and slightly cool

Your optic nerves sense even small doses of light as you sleep. Even a sliver of light beneath the door can make your body think it’s time to wake up. Make sure your cosy - your body temperature dips during sleep, so being warm helps you fall asleep faster.
Relaxing before bed is a great way to improve the quality of your sleep and the health of your skinRelaxing before bed is a great way to improve the quality of your sleep and the health of your skin

3. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and sugar before bed

Alcohol-induced sleep doesn’t have the same restorative qualities for your body and brain. Caffeine is another culprit: a cup of coffee stays in our system long after we drink it. Finally, sugar causes your blood sugar to spike – leading to crashes that can impair hormone function.


4.Breathe deeply to calm and relax your body

Our breathing slows and deepens when we sleep – so practice some deep breathing beforehand to help your body get ready for a restful and restorative sleep. 


5. Incorporate aroma to help you nod off

Scents have long been used to quell anxiety and calm the body and mind. Lavender is infamous as the sleep-inducing essential oil. Science has proven its ability to slow the nervous system and improve sleep quality. Linking our understanding of the importance of sleep and skin health, with the power of aroma, Dermalogica has created a solution that not only focuses on promoting a better night’s sleep but also works with the skin’s night-time regeneration process.
Sound Sleep Cocoon is a night-time treatment moisturiser that contains actives such as Kakadu Plum, Persian Silk Tree Extract and Wu-Zhu-Yu Extract, which combat fatigue to deliver visibly radiant skin by the a.m. At the same time, this advanced treatment gel contains essential oils, including motion-activated French Lavender that is drip fed to the skin throughout the night to support quality sleep. After applying the treatment, utilise the essential oils and take some palm inhalations. 

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