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Introducing  Advanced Nutrition Program - Supplements For Your Skin

Introducing Advanced Nutrition Program - Supplements For Your Skin

14 Jul 22

Did you know that nutrition is fundamentally involved at every stage of skin development? How well we feed our bodies this nutrition does impact how our skin looks, feels, and how healthy it is.

When it comes to nutrition, unfortunately we aren't getting what we truly need each day. From the moment our fruit and vegetables are picked and harvested, to the time it arrives on our plate, the nutriitonal value has dramatically reduced. Combine this with the 'required' amount of each vitamin, mineral etc, sometimes it seems like an uphill climb.



Why Advanced Nutrition Programme?

This was love at first sight for us. A supplement that nutures and supports healthy skin from within. In each capsule, the supplements have multiple ingredients all working in synergy with each other.  

Our skin care helps take care of our skin from the outside in, and our nutrtional support helps our bodies (and our skin) from the inside out. We see so many skins that care using the correct skin care and still struggling with concerns. Lets look deeper at how we can help this.


Which Nutrional Support is best for me?

Step 1: Preparation

Our gut and skin are connected. What happens on our skin can be a direct reflection of what's going on inside. Nuturing this close connection is important to begin with as it ensures your digestive system is prepped and ready to absorb effectively, the specific vitamins for your skin concerns. It's time to push reset and take the Skin Clear Biome daily.

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Happy Gut = Clear Skin.

For skin concerns: All Skins and especially for acne, oily, excema, rosacea and reactive and sensitive skins

This is a next generation skin supplement with innovative biome technology that targets problem prone and stressed skin to help reduce inflammation in the gut

Each capsule contains 5.6 billion active cultures and comprises of 4 strains of skin friendly bacteria with zinc. Supports gut health, skin immunity, reduce inflammation and decrease excessive sebum. All these factors are known to contribute to skin concerns.

Key Benefits

  • Works from the inside out to clarify the complexion
  • Works to balance the skin’s natural barrier
  • Helps support gut flora
  • Supports skin immunity
  • Brightens skin

Scientific Benefits

Survey of people taking Clear Skin Biome over 60 days:

  • 42% reduction in forehead sebum
  • 32% reduction in nose sebum
  • 28% reduction in chin sebum


Step 2: Targeting your skin concerns

:Here are the key nutritional support to look at with each specific skin concern

Skin Ageing- Skin Omegas, Skin Complete (Vitamin A and Antioxidant), Skin Vit C, Skin Collagen Support.

Dry/Dehydration-Skin Omegas, Skin Complete, Vit C

Acne Prone- Skin Omegas, Skin Vit A, Skin Collagen Support

Compromised/Sensitive- Skin Omegas, Skin Antioxidant, Skin Vit C

Dullness/Pigmentation- Skin Omegas, Skin Complete, Skin Vit C

Let's have a look at each on in more detail:



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This is a great next step once you have completed or are taking the Clear Skin Biome Skin.

Its an award-winning supplement system and combines 18 nutrients that provide a comprehensive synergistic assortment of vitamins to target common concerns in a convenient daily dose pod format. It's all set out for you to help you keep on track each day.

Key Benefits

  • Supports uneven skin tone and photo-
  • damage, promotes skin radiance
  • Addresses lines & wrinkles
  • Excellent bridal prep
  • Ideal for ageing skin – acts like “an anti- ageing facial in supplement format”
    For those who also want hair and nail support
  • Photo-damaged uneven skin tone
  • Busy lifestyle

Key Ingredients

  • Omega 3 and Omega 6
  • Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate)
  • Powerhouse dose of 7 Antioxidants
  • Astaxanthin, Pine Bark Extract
  • Skin Co Q10


Sold out

For Skin Concerns: Dry, Sensitivity, Acne and Congestion, Excema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Dull Sallow skin

This is the #1 solution for dry skin or if you suffer from inflammatory conditions like rosacea, psoriasis, excema. Think of all over body dryness, that feeling of no matter how much water you drink, your skin feels dry. In addition, our body easily recognises these Omegas and then uses it to hydrate the skin.

Each capsule also contains Vitamin A and Evening primrose oil help provide an internal moisturiser for the skin. and leaving the skin with a luminous glow. It's the perfect companion for everyone.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces inflammation in the skin and improves your skin immunity
  • Increase hydration and smoothness and helps restore the protective barrier of your skin
  • Helps reduce wrinkle depth
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Supports healthy hormonal function

Scientific Results

Survey of people taking the Omegas for 12 weeks had the following results:

  • 8% improvement in skin elasticty
  • 20% improvement in the smoothness of the skin
  • 24% reduction in wrinkle depth
  • 40% more hydration to the skin



Sold out

For ALL Skin Types for the maintenance of normal, healthy skin and age prevention

Vitamin A is one of the most important nutrients for skin. Skin Vit A+ is a staple skincare supplement that helps with skin cell renewal, skin rejuvenation. Vitamin A contributes to the maintenance of normal skin One of the most important nutrients for the skin. Every skin is defficient in Vitamin A so this forms one of the perfect starting supplements.

Each capsule contains both Vitamin A and Vitamin D

  • Vitamin A for skin cell renewal and promotes skin rejuvenation and the production of new collagen.
  • Vitamin D locks in skin hydration and aids in skin protection and added to support bone, muscle and immune health

Key Benefits

  • Builds healthy skin cells and stimulates cell turnover
  • Stimulates Collagen and plumps the skin
  • Balances oil secretions
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Balances pigment production
  • Perfect starter to skin supplements

Sold out

For ALL Skin Types and great for Age Prevention

Skin Antioxidant is packed with 7 super plant nutrients that help safeguard your skin from the inside out and keep it looking younger for longer. This is your protector supplement and a great way to start if you are new to nutrional support of any kind.

Key Antioxidants: Green tea, lycopene (tomatoes), turmeric, bilberry, lutein (marigold), grapeseed extract and betacarotene.
Key Benefits
  • Fights free radicals
  • Defends skin against premature ageing to keep skin looking younger
  • Promotes a healthy-looking appearance
  • Plants have antioxidant protective powers to shield against environmental shocks
  • Effective UV filter and helps reduce UV stress on the skin
  • Safeguard your skin from the inside and out

Love the sound of the Vit A+ and the Skin Antioxidant together?

Try them in the Skin Complete

Sold out

To help prevent the signs of ageing and concerns of: Lines and wrinkles, Photo-ageing, Scar tissue, Skins exposed to environmental attack e.g. pollution, UV, stress

We naturally loose 1% of collagen every year from the age of 20. Skin Collagen Support helps to support collagen production from within for supple, younger-looking skin. This new supplement brings together the power of five ingredients to increase skin elasticity, minimise the appearance of fine lines and promote a smoother-looking appearance. By activating the skin from within, this supplement diffuses anti-aging technology throughout the body

Key Benefits

  • Powerful antioxidant which helps block the harmful effects of destructive enzymes that break down collagen.
  • Strengthens collagen
  • Improves elasticity and resiliency
  • Builds and strengthens capillaries

Key Benefits:

  • Activates your skin’s collagen production
  • Synergy of 5 ingredients supports healthy collagen synthesis
  • Helps the body promote stronger, more resilient collagen
  • Targets fine lines and wrinkles and eye contour challenges
  • improves skin healing procedures for problem skin and scarring

Scientific Benefits

Survey showed over 12 weeks of use:

  • 21% improved smoothness
  • 20% improved wrinkle depth


Sold out

For Skin Concerns: Brightens uneven skin tone, Ageing and photodamaged skin, Scarring, Dull and lacklusture skin, pigmentation and uneven skin tone

This capsule is powered by 3 main ingredients that work in synergy with each other:
Vitamin C, Zinc and Acerola Cherry
  • Protects cells from oxidative stress, improves healthy barrier function and collagen formation
  • Contributes to healthy skin, hair and nail and provides antioxidant protection
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Strengthens blood vessels
  • Inhibits pigmentation and helps to lighten and brightens the skin
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Enhances the stability of collagen fibres
  • Contributes to the maintenance of healthy skin, hair and nails
  • Shields the skin from oxidative stress


If you need any guidance or advice around nutritional support, please reach out to us for advice. We offer complimentary Online Skin Consultations via email, zoom or phone.


About the Author

My name is Sarah and I am the founder of GLO Skin Body. With almost 20 years experience, I believe a professional relationship with your skin therapist is crucial in helping you to achieve your skin care goals and to ensure your skin is always looking and feeling its best. Whether it's in person or through our online support, Im here to guide and support you towards your healthiest skin ever.

On a personal note, I am a Mum of 3 so I understand completely the juggles and balancing of life and family commitments . My goal is to help everyone have an effective and enjoyable home care routine that gets you the results you want...no matter how busy you are!


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