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Make your skin GLO this Spring

Make your skin GLO this Spring

As the weather changes, so does the needs of our skin. You might find that your moisturiser is too heavy, you need to add an SPF, or change up your exfoliant. So, I spoke to everyone in team GLO, and asked them what their favourite spring Dermalogica product is and why it makes their skin GLO...

23 Dec 19

As the weather changes, so does the needs of our skin. You might find that your moisturiser is too heavy, you need to add an SPF, or change up your exfoliant. So, I spoke to everyone in team GLO, and asked them what their favourite spring Dermalogica product is and why it makes their skin GLO...

Dermalogica Daily Resurfacer

Kellie, our GLO Therapist told me she is obsessed with Daily Resurfacer,  a fantastic exfoliant from the Dermalogica Range. She started taking the 35 day challenge, which is applying 1 pouch every day after her night time cleansing for 35 days, and she is already feeling the difference.

"My favourite spring product is the Daily Resurfacer. It Is a great triple threat product, Daily resurfacer hydrates your skin and chemically exfoliates, while the unique application physically exfoliates to resurface, smooth and brighten. You will see great results with this amazing product." From Kellie

This exfoliant is the perfect night time companion to using Daily Microfoliant in the morning.  You can sample this product for free  at GLO Skin Body. If you think this is something you would like to try, then talk to us today to make sure it is right for your skin.

Dermalogica Ultracalming Mist

Kristie, GLO Therapist, is in love with Ultracalming Mist, a toner that is part of our Dermalogica Ultracalming Range.

"My must have spring product! This lightweight mist, feels so fresh and cooling on the skin.Leaving it feeling hydrated and soothed! Keep one in your handbag or at work to spritz during the day, absorbs quickly for added hydration". From Christie

It even comes in a handy travel size you can keep in your bag, at your desk or even in the car. Sarah, our Skin Centre Director loves this size and wouldn't leave home without it.

"My favourite Spring product is the UltraCalming Mist- as the temperature rises so can the redness in my skin! The UltraCalming Mist keeps my skin feeling calm and helps to reduce redness and warmth on those warm days! I keep a travel size in my handbag for easy access during the day if needed" From Sarah 

Dermalogica Super Sensitive Shield SPF 30

Spring is great for getting outdoors more and enjoying the sunshine, but with that comes more exposure to UV rays. That is why Vanessa, our GLO Customer Support Manager loves the Super Sensitive Shield with SPF 30.

"As the weather warms and I am outdoors more with my family, Sun protection is always part of my daily routine. Super sensitive shield is perfect for my sensitive skin and applied under my make - up, it gives me all the UV protection I need to get through the day" From Vanessa

This chemical-free broad spectrum sunscreen is ideal for sensitised, reactive and recently resurfaced skin. You can sample this product for free at GLO Skin Body

Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer with SPF 30

Keeping with the sun protection theme, Sao, our GLO therapist also has a favourite spring product that is perfect for protecting the skin during the day.

"We are all ready for enjoying the sunshine after the cold weather. But is your skin ready to go under the Sun? The skin is going to be exposed to UV more in spring. Get your skin ready for lovely spring weather with the #Dermalogica skin perfect primer. It helps even out skin texture and has a slight tint. So you can wear it alone or as a base for your foundation. Plus It has SPF 30 to enhance your protection from UV". From Sao

This product is great for mature or prematurely ageing skin. It is best when you apply after your prescribed Dermalogica Moisturiser, and smooth and blend the primer over your entire face and throat. You can also sample this product for free at GLO Skin Body

So, there you have it, the GLO team's favourite Spring products from the Dermalogica range. You can't beat GLO Skin Body as the premier online Dermalogica retailer, we have free samples, priceBEAT guarantee and same day dispatch on all orders placed before 12.30 pm. Free shipping Australia Wide on all orders over $49 and we guarantee satisfaction or you can have a hassle free return.

Personalised Skincare Advice

If you want to talk to us about your skin, contact us today via ONLINE, PH. 1300 828 131 or FACEBOOK . We can understand your unique skin needs and help you achieve the best skin possible.

We would love to know your favourite spring Dermalogica product, share with us below!

Cheers Sarah


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