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Personalised Skincare advice from the Dermalogica Experts

Personalised Skincare advice from the Dermalogica Experts

We walk you through what to expect when you make an appointment with us to discuss your skin. We offer in-person and online consultations to fit every schedule, and discuss all the vital points which will give you the best advice for your skincare regime.

20 Dec 19

Have you ever wondered what personalised skincare advice is all about?

Well, I am here to show you exactly what happens when you come and talk to us about your skin. The best way to discuss this is face to face in one of our treatment centres in Crows Nest or Cherrybrook, but we understand that not everyone can do this so we offer an online skin consultation. This is the most common method of communicating with us other than face to face. You can find this form under the my ADVICE tab on our website www.gloskinbody.com.au. There are other ways to talk to us about your skincare needs that I explain below.

Online Skin Consultation

Firstly we ask you to enter your email, name, age and gender. The reason is, as we age, different things happen to our skin and also whether we are male or female can influence our skin and hence skincare needs. We want to know you name and email so we can personalise the experience and contact you directly via email with questions to clarify the information you give us. Sometimes we may need to ask extra questions to ensure that we create with the best skincare solution for your skin.

Skin Health Questions

We ask you 7 specific questions about your skin, they are as follows:

1) What concerns you most about your skin?

2) What are you currently using to take care of your skin?

3) Do you experience irritation, burning or sensitivity?

4) Do you experience redness or sensitivity daily?

5) When do you experience oil shine?

6) If you experience breakouts, tell us where on your skin this occurs?

7) How often are you exfoliating your skin?

We ask that you provide as much information as you can and be honest, we are not here to judge but only to help understand your skin so you can achieve the best skin possible. Once we have your answers, we may need to clarify a few things and we may even ask for a photo of your skin. Once we have all the information we need we then customise a Dermalogica skincare solution for you. This may be recommending some complimentary products to your existing routine or a completely new Dermalogica skincare routine.

It's that simple... you can order these products from our online store at up to 35% off RRP for everything Dermalogica. We have Free Shipping on orders over $49 and same day dispatch on all orders processed before 12.30 pm. And if you are not happy we have hassle free returns with our satisfaction guaranteed promise!

So, let me show you an example from a client who really needed some personalised advice and the types of things she shared with us.

The client had acne on her chin, jawline and cheeks. She used to smoke and drink but took a huge turn in her life and started living 'ultra healthy' after having children. She grew her own vegetables and cooks a lot of home meals. She used some Dermalogica products in her routine already. She experienced irritation and burning occasionally and redness and sensitivity regularly. She exfoliated daily. Her biggest concern was why after all the changes in her lifestyle, is she still experiencing breakouts? She really wanted to tackle this problem.

After this initial email, we asked a few more questions about her stress levels, we asked for a photo of her skin and what make up she wears for daily use.


Our recommendations for her were:

Here is what our happy client said after the experience...

"Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you, for the skin consultation and product recommendations. For the first time since I was 21, I have no breakouts! Not one bump anywhere on my face. There are still some red marks where the pimples were but non are raised, blind blemishes. This is amazing. Thank you for the advice I'm very happy. The new Dermalogica products are definitely making a difference"

From Ali


Do you have these skin concerns? Or perhaps your skin concerns are different. Whatever your concern is we are here to help. We can work with you to compliment your existing skincare routine and products with some key products from the Dermalogica range or you may want to set up a brand new skincare routine using everything Dermalogica. Whatever you want, we can work with you to help you achieve the best skin possible.

Contact us ONLINE | FACEBOOK | 1300 828 131

Cheers Sarah


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