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Skin Care Tips- From a Mum to a Mum

Skin Care Tips- From a Mum to a Mum

30 Jun 20

Life as a Mum- perfect one moment and a crazy mess the next.....but we would never change it for the world!

Hi, I’m Sarah - the Founder and Skin Centre Director of GLO Skin Body and as a mum of 3 kids, I understand the life juggles this brings - the highs, the most precious moments, the lows, the ‘not enough’ time and the strive to keep my self-care a priority. And the truth is, I have never been really good at this last part.

Mothers guilt always worked her wondrous power here to take over however, I have tried (I emphasise the try) to see that it is imperative for us as women, as mums and for our family that we do this. Our bodies are like rechargeable batteries... we need a time out to recharge so we have the energy, stamina and patience to give to others. It’s really that simple. Yet putting this into practice can often not be as easy as we thought.

The one thing I have been so diligent about even when our family started was my skincare routine. I remember taking our firstborn into the bathroom in his bouncer while I took a shower and sang to him or played peek-a-boo with the steam on the glass. Having a toddler and a newborn then added a new excitement - so I would do my skincare routine while our son was in the bath and while our newborn was in his bouncer next to me.

It certainly added some enjoyment and certainly some interest to the little ones. If this didn’t work because hey, babies don’t always play to our schedules, then I would aim to do my routine at the basin in the morning at least (and sometimes even the kitchen sink)....and it was super quick! At night time, it was always one of the first things I did when the kids went to bed because it was done, It felt good and I wouldn't then ever risk getting to bedtime and think "oh I am too tired".

I'm grateful that our now 10, 8 and 6-year-olds are now fairly independent. That they can all get their own breakfast, get a piece of fruit, a drink...even make a coffee for Mum (the best part!)... so for the Mums with bubs and little ones - there is light!

Over the last 10 years I have fine-tuned my home care routine so it achieves the 3 ‘E’s’: 

1. Effective

2. Efficient

3. Enjoyable

I want my home care routine to be quick and easy, to target the results I am looking for but at the same time, I want to LOVE the products I am using and I want to find immense enjoyment in taking care of my skin.

I can honestly say now, one of the many best parts of my day is my skincare routine. Having healthy skin is so important to me because it makes me feel good. Our faces are the first point of connection and it's always nice when someone compliments you on your skin and how good it looks.

Here are my skincare tips that have seen me through:

  1. Whatever you can do in the shower, do it here! Cleansing, face exfoliation, body exfoliation etc. Tie exfoliation into when you wash your hair so you always remember to do this step.
  2. Have a set day that you do a masque... and then make sure you have some uninterrupted YOU time for those 15-20mins. Yes, at times I have missed this step but your skin really does love this type of product. If you don’t have time for just YOU then put it on while cooking dinner... or watching your favourite TV show and take it off during the add break (or just push pause)!
  3. Line up your products in order of use and once you get the hang of which order and how to apply, the speed will come. I can have my daily skin routine done in less than 1 minute (excluding cleansing and exfoliating).
  4. Use products that are multipurpose (eg.: a moisturiser and SPF in one). Quick and easy to apply and you’re protected from the UV rays... don’t forget to put SPF on your kids too!
  5. Do yourself a favour and make sure you apply your home care products to your neck and chest area. These are the first signs of again and your older self will thank you for this.
  6. Avoid waiting until you are tired for bed to do your home care routine because we are less likely to go and cleanse our skin etc. Sleep is when our skin rejuvenates and repairs itself so it’s super important we have a cleansed skin with our night time homecare products applied. I have found success in doing my nighttime skincare routine before the kids go to bed or just after. Always guaranteed then that my skin feels loved!
  7. Drink lots of water! And always have a bottle of water handy. When you drink more water, you will find that your kids drink more too

And last but certainly not least - get some professional advice to ensure you are using skincare products that are actually targeting the skin goals you have.

We offer Online Skin Consultations via email, phone or Zoom and we provide personalised advice to make your home care routine work for YOU and give you the results you are looking for.

By no means am I saying this will work for everybody. We all need to find our own groove and opportunities to take care of our skin.

If you can cleanse morning and night and apply a moisturiser (with SPF in the morning) then you are winning! Do what you can, with the time you have and as time goes on, little opportunities will arise for you to do a little more.



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