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The 5 Best Vitamins For Glowing Skin

The 5 Best Vitamins For Glowing Skin

In addition to healthy eating, applying vitamins topically to the skin is the most direct way to get your skin the benefits from these vitamins. When your skincare routine incorporates these essential ingredients, you will see the health of your skin dramatically improve.

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01 Mar 21

We all know that eating a healthy and well-balanced diet helps the body overall function at its optimum. In addition to healthy eating, applying vitamins topically to the skin is the most direct way to get the benefits of these vitamins for your skin. When your skincare routine incorporates these essential ingredients, you will see the health of your skin dramatically improve!

We'll take you through the 5 best vitamins for your skin, how they work and some of the Dermalogica products you will find these vitamins in.

1. Vitamin A

Ingredients like retinol and retinoid are part of the Vitamin A family and come with many benefits to the skins not only concerned with ageing, but also acne and breakouts.

Vitamin A speeds up cell turnover, smoothes the skin and takes nutrients and oxygen to cells more efficiently to help the skin look more plump, younger and brighter.

Vitamin A will help decrease oil production leading to a reduction in acne which is welcoming news for those of you who struggle with this skin concern. With breakouts, we also see brown pigment spots left behind, however Vitamin A also decreases melanin granules and increase the wound healing rate in the skin, which reduces these post inflammatory marks and scarring.

And finally, Vitamin A helps improve hydration in and around the skin cells which helps decrease wrinkles!

Highly active 0.5% encapsulated retinol and Vitamin C

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Vitamin A, C and E

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2. Vitamin C

This is a must-have vitamin everyone should include in their routine - from young skin in your early 20's onwards.

Vitamin C promotes collagen production, helps evens out skin tone and is essential for a firm and youthful skin. In addition to these benefits, Vitamin C shields the skin from environmental aggressors, thus helping to protect the skin from sun exposure.

When you use Vitamin C daily in your skincare routine, you will notice more luminosity and radiance in your skin.

Highly stabilised form of Vitamin C

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Stabilised Vitamin C, encapsulated Vitamin A and E

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3. Vitamin B3

This is also known as niacinamide and provides an array of benefits to the skin. Niacinamide helps regulate oil and minimise the appearance of pores. This helps bring smoothness to the skin and helping to prevent oil glands from going into overdrive. Also, it provides an antibacterial effect which makes it an extremely effective ingredient in targeting acne and under-skin congestion.

For skins that experience some sensitivity, niacinamide helps reduce inflammation so helps ease redness and blotchiness in the skin.
Niacinamide also has the ability to rebuild healthy cells whilst protecting them from environmental assaults and sun damage.

Vitamin B3 and salicylic acid

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Micro-encapsulated Vitamin B3 and Retinol 0.1%

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4. Vitamin B5

The softness vitamin! It's a very common ingredient among many skincare products because it promotes softness and suppleness to the skin with its deeply hydrating properties. Vitamin B5 helps the skin to attract and retain moisture, while providing protection and enhancing the natural repair process. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect that can help stimulate the skins healing processes so beneficial to those skins experiencing acne.

Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin A, C, E, F

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5. Vitamin E

This vitamin is in the family of oil-soluble antioxidants and when this is applied topically to the skin, it has fantastic anti-inflammatory and skin healing benefits. This means skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema will find relief using this vitamin.

For skins that are more 'dry' (they don't have much oil secretion), Vitamin E provides nourishment and moisturising benefits to the skin to help with suppleness and softness.

Vitamin E fights off free radical damage, which is a result of environmental assaults on your skin. This means the skin is being protected from further damage. Plus, Vitamin E is moisturising and healing the skin while also strengthening the skin's barrier function. This is a crucial benefit to skins that suffer with eczema and psoriasis, because their barrier function is easily irritated. It's an all-round soothing and calming vitamin for the skin.

Vitamin E

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Vitamin E

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What else can help support a glowing skin?

What goes on inside of our bodies also plays a big part in how our skin looks and feels. The skin is only of the organs of elimination so ingesting vitamins and nutrients will help support the skin even further.

Check out two of our favourites:

  • Scientific gut research highlights the direct connection between gut health and skin health.
  • Renews your skin from within by rebalancing your gut and promoting the efficient elimination of skin-irritating toxins from the body.
  • Specially formulated to address skin challenges at the root by restoring gut health
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The body builds collagen to keep skin plump and supple. The building blocks for making collagen come from your diet- These are mianly Zinc and Vitamin C.

This powder boosts your supply of collagen building blocks in a form that is easily used by the skin.

Contains 6gms of zinc per serving, which provides 80% of your RDI and provides more than double your minimum daily requirement of vitamin C.

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Helps win the fight against premature ageing caused by free radicals.

These unstable compounds erode health, break down collagen, damage and prematurely age the skin.

Anti-oxidants are the heroes who save the day. These natural compounds neutralise free radicals and interrupt the destructive process of premature ageing. The most potent source of anti-oxidants are brightly coloured fruit and Bestow Berry Beautiful contains an abundant feast of these.

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