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There’s No Such Thing as Healthy Skin Without a Moisturiser

There’s No Such Thing as Healthy Skin Without a Moisturiser

Moisturisers are an essential staple in our daily skincare routine. They work on two levels: they protect the skin's barrier against the environment, whilst topping up and locking in moisture at the same time. They’re a critical step in achieving healthy skin and consequently, are a non-negotiable for every type of skin. 

11 Apr 20

Beware of the Side Effects of Not Moisturising 

A hydrated skin is a healthy skin. When our moisture/water levels are out of whack, expect your skin to follow. Firstly, the skin needs moisture to shed. This pre-programmed process is known as desquamation. From a skin health perceptive, it’s vitally important that the skin is constantly regenerating itself. Our barrier (the outermost layer of the skin) needs to be strong and resilient to do its main job, which is to protect our insides from the outside world. If these dead skin cells don’t leave our skin when they’ve hit their expiry date, then our skin can’t protect itself properly. Think of your skin’s barrier like a brick wall…The dead skin are the hard bricks and the more weathered the bricks and mortar the weaker the wall. Along with increased sensitivity, the slowdown in desquamation can cause a build-up of dead skin, which can lead to congestion and breakouts.

What’s more, when there’s not enough moisture in the skin, the skin responds in the only way it knows how: by producing oil because it can’t make water. When there’s more oil on the skin, again, we’re more likely to have issues with congestion and pimples. Often those with an oiler skin type avoid wearing a moisturiser as they fear feeling even oiler. What’s actually happening is the skin becomes oiler due to not moisturising. An oily skin still needs to be moisturised, just with an oil-free option that’s light and hydrating, such as Dermalogica’s Active Moist

For combination/normal skin, opt for Dermalogica cult favourite, Skin Smoothing Cream, recently updated with state of the art technology to keep skin hydrated for up to 48 hours. Intensive Moisture Balance is the ideal option for a drier or more mature Skin. And for an ultra-dry skin, the deeply replenishing and firming Super Rich Repair from AGEsmart is the perfect match.

The ONLY way to Avoid Dehydration

Even if you’re someone who drinks a whole lot of water every day, you still need to moisturise. Our skin is constantly dehydrated by our environment; air con, heating, pollution, smoking, harsh weather, low humidity - it’s almost impossible to avoid dehydration. A moisturiser will not only replace lost moisture and support a healthy functioning skin, but with the incredible advanced ingredients we now have access to, expect a moisturiser to transform your skin too.

Concerned with uneven skin tone? Then Dermalogica’s Pure Night from the PowerBright Trx system is the moisturiser for you. Specifically designed to work with the skin at night, Pure Night combines restorative barrier lipids with an active blend of skin-brightening agents for luminous, brighter skin come morning.

A Daily Must Have 

You will only reap the benefits of your moisturiser if you have properly cleaned your skin prior. If you don’t cleanse your skin, then your moisturiser will be sitting on top of dirt, oil and grime. Your skin won’t get its much-needed feed of moisture, and any build-up on the skin will get pushed deeper into the pores. A double cleanse will ensure a thoroughly clean skin, plus if you exfoliate, your moisturiser will be able to hydrate at a deeper level. Another tip to maximise moisture, is to layer up with hydrating serums or oils underneath your moisturiser such as Dermalogic’s Skin Hydrating Booster or Phyto Replenish Oil. Your moisturiser will help to seal in these moisture boosting targeted treatments.

 Your skin needs its nourishment, twice a day, every day. A 10 cent piece will be enough for the face and neck, but if you spritz your skin with a hydrating toner before, you’ll only need half of that.

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