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5 mistakes you are making with your skin

5 mistakes you are making with your skin

skin health
26 Aug 20

We all want the best for our skin so if you are doing any of the 5 things, then we are here to help you change your skin for the better..

1. You go to bed without cleansing your skin

We talk so much about cleansing and there is one big reason why: It's the most important step in your home care routine. During the night our skin repairs and rejuvenates, so it's crucial to double cleanse the skin every night before bed for our products to work effectively while we sleep.

To ensure you are cleansing your skin effectively, read our blog: Cleansing- Am I doing it right?

To start your cleanse routine, we recommend the PreCleanse Oil or Balm to effectively remove dirt, grime, oil (and make-up for the women)

  • Nourishing cleansing oil
  • Removes impurities and make up effectively
Sold out

  • Deep-cleansing balm
  • Smooths and nourishes
  • Effectively removes impurities that cause clogging
Sold out

2. Using products that aren't targeted to your skin or concerns

We all like to think we know our skin type, however, have you had this assessed by a professional skin therapist?

Understanding what skin type you have means the home care products you use will target not only your concerns but the overall health of your skin as well. Your skin will feel healthy and loved! Let us know if you need any advice about your skin and what are the best products to use.

3. Exfoliating your skin 'when you remember'

Every day we lose dead skin cells and as we get older, the rate at which we lose these dead skin cells reduces and we need some extra help in getting these off the skin.

Dead skin cells are dry and dull, hence giving our skin a dull appearance and an uneven feeling. By exfoliating regularly, we ensure our skin feels smooth, looks brighter and more radiant every day. Plus, it helps our products penetrate more effectively.

How often we should exfoliate does depend on our skin type. We do suggest at least 1-2 times a week is a good frequency, to begin with. If your skin can tolerate it, exfoliation can be done daily or in a more intense level.

If you need advice as to which Dermalogia exfoliant is the best for you or how often you should be exfoliating then we are here to help

Here is a simple guide though on some of our customers favourite exfoliants:

For concerns of ageing

  • Absorbs pollution that accelarates skin ageing
  • Brightening and smoothing
Sold out

To target adult acne

  • Visible results overnight
  • Targets breakouts and ageing conerns
Sold out

A favourite with Men

  • Easy to use in the shower
  • Reveals brighter, smoother skin
Sold out

For the teenagers

  • Leave-on exfoliant
  • Exfoliates to help even skin tone
Sold out

4. You only wear SPF when you are 'in the sun'

As a Skin Therapist for 17 years, I hear all too often the reason some people don't wear SPF is that 'they don't go in the sun'.

I used to be like this... until I learnt some real truths about UV rays and having many skin cancers being surgically removed because of my casual approach to being in the sun when I was younger.

My message is simple: "Don't forget your SPF!"


There are 2 types of UV rays we need to protect ourselves from:

UVA - These are our 'ageing' rays and they break down our collagen and elastin which are our skins support structures keeping our skin firm and strong.

UVB - These are the 'burning' rays and are most intense in the middle of the day (and depending on where we live).

Determining which SPF is right for you will depend on the type of skin you have and adding a moisturiser with an inbuilt SPF means is a quick and easy application in the morning. To help you with determining the right SPF for you, here is a guide:

For Sensitive Skin - Invisible Physical Defense SPF30

For Oily/Acne - Oil Free Matte SP30

For Ageing - Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50

For concerns of pigmentation - Pure Light SPF30

For All Genders and Skin Types -

Prisma Protect SPF15  and Solar Defense Booster SPF50

For Teenagers - Oil Matte Clearing SPF15

For the Body - Protection 50Sport

5. You run out of products before you order/buy more

I understand that life is busy and there are many tasks we need to complete each day. Making sure you have your skincare products on hand so you don't risk running out is really important!

Going without our essential skincare means we run the risk of our skin becoming dehydrated and our concerns not being targeted.

We offer a same day dispatch when orders are placed prior to 3pm AEST and delivery is free with all orders over $49 so just do a little check now while it's on your mind and make sure you have enough supply of your products.

We are here for you always- so please reach out to us if you have any questions or you need some advice about the products and/or your skin


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