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Active Moist 2.0 Now with more benefits to the skin!

Active Moist 2.0 Now with more benefits to the skin!

29 Jul 20

Our understanding of the female and male skin and how to keep it healthy is expanding every day. Research shows that a balanced skin microbiome is one of the keys to healthy skin and to keep this healthy we need prebiotics.

Dermalogica's NEW Active Moist 2.0 together with the Active Clay Cleanser are the perfect options for oily skin. Whether used together or separately, they do more than reduce the excess oil. They work to purify, protect and actively balance the skin's microbiome- helping you achieve your healthiest skin.

Let me first take you through these key factors in helping keep our skin healthy:

The Microbiome?

The Microbiome is made up of a wide variety of microscopic organisms and often we think this 'bacteria' are the 'bad' guys when it comes to skin, however, the microbiome plays an important role in overall skin health: a balanced, healthy microbiome physically blocks 'bad' bacteria from the skin. It also helps regulates the skin's pH levels and protects the immune system by blocking the bad bacteria.

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are a combination of live beneficial bacteria and/or yeasts that naturally live in our body. Bacteria is usually viewed in a negative way as something that makes you sick. However, you have two kinds of bacteria constantly in and on your body — good bacteria and bad bacteria.

How do Prebiotics work?

Prebiotics are food for probiotics, which are living microorganisms in the skin's microbiome or let's say, the 'good' guys. The main benefit of prebiotics is to help increase the amount and varietyof probiotics (good bacteria), in turn helping skin maintain a healthy microbiome and lipid barrier.

Together, prebiotics and probiotics reinforce skin’s defences.

Why does Oily Skin need Prebiotics

Oily skins often have an imbalanced microbiome so prebiotic skincare is going to be extremely beneficial for the skin.

This imbalance can happen for a couple reasons.

  1. An overproduction of oil can increase the number of P. acnes in skin’s microbiome, making oily skin especially acne-prone.
  2. Harsh cleansers often recommended to people with oily skin actually disturb its natural protective barrier – putting skin at risk for dehydration and changes to the balance of its microbiome.

Dermalogica's NEW Active Moist 2.0 and Active Clay Cleanser deliver powerful prebiotics to help balance and hydrate for healthy skin defences and are the perfect pair for oily Male and Female skins.

  • NEW Formula
  • Prebiotic Moisture Complex combines potent prebiotic system with a unique combination of plant extracts for an improved skin texture and a healthy microbiome
  • Cucumber Extract for soothing and deep hydration
  • Lemon and Burdock Extracts to help refine skin texture

Sold out

  • 30% more cleansing power
  • Delivers powerful prebiotics to nourish the skin's beneficial bacteria
  • leaves skin refined, revitalised and purified
  • Kaolin clays helps absorb excess oil
  • Activated Binchotan Charcoal absorbs oils and impurities to balance the skin

Sold out

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why was Active Moist updated?

Dermalogica are always ensuring they keep up-to-date with scientific advances in skincare. The Active Moist 2.0 has now the addition of the Prebiotic Moisture Complex that helps maintain a healthy skin microbiome and help balance oily and combination skin.

2. What is the Prebiotic Moisture Complex?

This complex provides oily skin with an optimal combination of hydrating plant extracts and prebiotic benefits to help promote a balanced microbiome.

3. I have oily skin so why is using Active Moist 2.0 and Active Clay Cleanser the right choice for me?

Oily skins tend to be dehydrated which can create an excess of oil production and the new Active Moist 2.0 is complete with the new Prebiotic Moisture Complex to provide long-lasting oil-free hydration while promoting a healthy skin microbiome

In addition to this, when we experience oil on our skin, we have been known to strip the skin so much that it leaves the skin feeling tight, dehydrated and potentially exacerbating oil production. The Active Clay Cleanser protects the skins moisture barrier, providing the powerful prebiotic formula and ensuring the skins good bacteria flourish.

If you need any advice about your skin, we are here to help! We offer Complimentary Skin Consultations via email, phone or zoom.



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