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Prebiotics vs. Probiotics - What is The Difference?

Prebiotics vs. Probiotics - What is The Difference?

Prebiotic Skincare
Probiotic Skincare
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05 Nov 20

Prebiotics vs. Probiotics - What is The Difference?

We have all heard of Prebiotics AND Probiotics in Skincare, but it can still be confusing, so today we’ll clarify all of your questions! Let’s take a look at the differences between Prebiotics and Probiotics and what is their role in the skin’s health.

What are PRObiotics?

Our body is the home to a trillion microorganisms, among which you’ll find the good and the bad bacteria. The PROBIOTICS are good bacteria. They form a protection for the skin, called Microbiome.

What are PREbiotics?

Prebiotics are the fuel for Probiotics, helping them become more powerful and effective, therefore strengthening the Microbiome.

What is the Microbiome?

The Microbiome not only fights the bad bacteria, but it also improves the immune system and prevents premature skin ageing. Therefore, a strong Microbiome is crucial to maintain healthy skin.

What are the benefits of a strong Microbiome?

  1. Improve Inflammatory Skin Conditions

The Microbiome can communicate with the immune system, so when inflammations happen on the skin (acne, rosacea etc), the Microbiome “tells” the immune system to ease this reaction.  

      2. Strengthening the skin’s protection and fighting system

The Microbiome not only combats bad bacteria, infections, pollution and allergens, but it also minimises oxidative damage and sun damage.

      3.Maintain skin’s pH levels balanced

A strong Microbiome keeps the skin’s acidity levels low, which plays an important role in maintaining the skin hydrated, plump and moist.

Why are Prebiotics recommended for oily skin?

In the Dermalogica Skincare range, there are 2 products that contain Prebiotics: The Active Clay Cleanser and Active Moist 2.0. Both are designed for combination to oily skins.

The reason why Prebiotic Skincare is used to treat oily skin is that excessive sebum production increases the acne bacteria, which takes a toll on the Microbiome.

Plus, the excessive use of de-congestion products or harsh products to fight the breakouts and acne will disturb the Probiotic activity even further. The Prebiotics in those 2 products is designed to help Probiotics thrive.

If you’d like to try any other products or treatments that complement Active Moist 2.0 and the Active Clay Cleanser for your skin, reach out to us here. 

  • Removes excess oil and impurities
  • Protects the skins microbiome
  • Leaves skin smooth and revitalised
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  • Oil-free and lightweight
  • Balances the skin's microbiome
  • Hydrates with no oil-shine
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About the Author

My name is Sao, and I have been in the Skincare Industry for over 13 years. My background is Japanese, and in my time as a Skin Therapist, I have had the opportunity to work in luxury hotel spas both in Japan and Australia. I have been fortunate to connect with clients from many different backgrounds and lifestyles.

During this time, I learnt to understand the inseparable relationship between the skin's health and lifestyle, environment, mental space and genetics. That has given me an incredible level of passion and also motivation to be detailed in my consultations and to create personalised skin regimes. I love results-driven treatments, but I also believe in relaxation and a sense of 'being cared for'. My approach aims to benefit skin, mind and body.


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