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Sunscreen is the skin saver

Sunscreen is the skin saver

Chances are you probably care about the health of your skin, and you certainly don’t want lines and wrinkles appearing prematurely. But are you applying sunscreen daily, even in the cooler months? 

16 Apr 20


Chances are you probably care about the health of your skin, and you certainly don’t want lines and wrinkles appearing prematurely. But are you applying a sunscreen daily, even in the cooler months? For many Australians, applying daily sun protection is still not a ritual, even though there has been endless education and a plethora of products on the market. 

Busting the myth on sunscreen

It’s a common misconception that sun protection factor (SPF) products are designed for use solely in the summer or hotter months. When the sun’s not beaming brightly, our sunscreen retires to the back of our bathroom cabinet, only to make its next appearance with the swimwear and sun hats, and by then it may have expired. 

In reality, UVA rays are present at the same intensity all year round. Being the longest rays in the spectrum, they penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin causing damage to our collagen and elastin. UVA is the culprit for much of our visible skin ageing in the form of wrinkles, sagging skin, uneven skin tone and sunspots. Other signs of damage are the appearance of small blood vessels and spider veins on the face, neck and chest. 

Don’t get a false sense of security when sitting indoors or when the weather is dull, as UVA can penetrate unfiltered glass including some car windows. And don’t count on the clouds to protect you, as UVA is still active on cloudy days. 

They say, “prevention is better than cure”, and this phrase couldn’t be more fitting when talking about wearing sun protection. A daily dose of an SPF 30 - 50+ should be your number one product priority, to not only protect the skin but prevent against the signs of premature ageing. 

Out with greasy in with invisible

There are some highly sophisticated sunscreen technologies available today. No longer do we have to be afraid of our SPF. It doesn’t have to feel greasy and suffocating on our skin. Not all sunscreens will clog the pores and cause breakouts and congestion. In fact, with the advances in some sunscreens today, you won’t even know that you’re wearing one. And as a bonus, your chosen sunscreen can even help firm, mattify and brighten your skin, depending on your individual skin goals and challenges. 

Dermalogica uses two advanced technologies in its sunscreen formulations, making our fear of sunscreen a thing of the past…Let me introduce you to oleosomes and UV smart booster technology.

Oleosomes are tiny moisturising bubbles that can be loaded with SPF. The result is a sunscreen that allows for increased SPF activity whilst using fewer chemical sunscreens and is therefore less likely to cause skin sensitivity. What’s more, these moisture-rich oleosomes deliver a feather-light, wearable consistency.

Effective protection from harmful UV rays is a two-pronged approach. Firstly, the rays must be either absorbed with chemical sunscreens or reflected with physical sunscreens. Secondly, the skin will benefit hugely from having a good dose of antioxidants to fight free radical damage caused by exposure to UV rays. 

Dermalogica’s UV smart booster technology provides a fresh dose of encapsulated vitamins which are cleverly released only when they encounter UV rays.

Once you’ve found a sunscreen that you’re happy with, the next part is applying it correctly. Here are our top tips for optimum protection:

  • Apply ideally 30 minutes prior to sun exposure. 
  • The Cancer Council of Australia’s guide to applying sunscreen is half a teaspoon for the face, ears and front and back of neck.
  • Reapply your sunscreen every two hours. 
  • Don’t forget bald heads, thinning scalps, the chest, arms and hands - they all need protection too!

Selecting a sunscreen for your skin type and lifestyle

Many of Dermalogica’s sunscreens are built into a moisturiser, so if you’re time-poor these make a good option - just pick out one that’s best suited to your skin. But if you already love your daytime moisturiser, then consider a product like Solar Defense Booster SPF 50, this innovative sunscreen allows you to add a few drops to your moisturiser or even your foundation and get the protection you require.

Reactive and sensitive skin:

Choose a physical sunscreen. Invisible Physical Defense is a weightless physical sunscreen that blends easily and works for every skin - even sensitive!

Say goodbye to thick, white residue with this physical SPF formula that offers critical defence against UVA rays and blue light. Amazing for all skin types, even sensitive skins with its soothing properties.

Oily skin and breakouts: 

Use a medicated, oil free treatment moisturiser with an SPF 30+.  We recommend Oil Free Matte SPF 30 from the MediBac Clearing® system. 

Fine line and wrinkles:

It has to be Dermalogica’s Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50. With its medium weight consistency, it’s a winner for all skin types. This ultra-hydrating sunscreen is jam-packed with antioxidants and age-fighting vitamins and peptides.

Uneven skin tone and brown spots:

Pure Light SPF 50 is the product of choice. It shields the skin from UV-induced hyperpigmentation, whilst brightening peptides and exfoliating enzymes enhance skin tone and fade dark spots.

Thankfully, sunscreens have come a long way in the past five years; they’re feather-light, fast-absorbing and with added skin benefits. Whether its skin cancer prevention or a desire to slow down the ageing process, sunscreen has it covered and more. It’s time to upgrade your sunscreen from the back of the bathroom cabinet and make it a daily staple product alongside your cleanser and moisturiser.


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