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Top #4 Anti Ageing Serums You Need To Try Right Now

Top #4 Anti Ageing Serums You Need To Try Right Now

09 Mar 22

Serums are a game changer for our daily home care routine. They contain a higher concentration of active ingredients to really target your specifc concerns. When it comes to concerns of ageing, there is some good news - anti-ageing serums can be used as both a preventive approach or reparative so if you are concerned with ageing yet haven't started to notice some changes, now is a great time to start. In the flip side, if you asre showing some sings of ageing, an anti-ageing serum will help slow down these changes in your skin.

Why do we age?

Lets firslty look at the reasons that ageing occurs in our skin. There are 2 factors:

  • Intrinsic Ageing - known as chronological ageing - this is unavoidable and genetically detemrined. It a process that naturally occurs to all of us counts for 50% of how we age.
  • Extrinsic Ageing - This ageing counts for the other 50% of the ageing that happens in our skin. This part involves all the external facotrs around us: our lifestyle, the environment we live in, our stress levels, diet, pollution, and lack of sleep.

So in a nutshell, it makes perfect sense to incorporate a targeted serum to help slow down the effects of ageing...even if you arent showing the signs yet of ageing.

What does ageing look like on our skin?

Ageing can appear in many different ways on the skin:

  • Fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin
  • Dull appearance
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Blotchy skin with age spots
  • Dry and dehydrated skin

As ageing can present itself in so many different way, this serum targets 4 keys areas: Fine lines and wrinkles, Redness, Dark spots and Dehydration. These concerns all signal that your skin is going through some profound damage. This next generation deliveres what your skin needs, when it needs it.

  • Smart Response Technology reacts to your skin's needs to hydrate, brighten, soothes and address fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Gallic Acid from the Japanese Conelia Cherry helps to sooth the skin and reduce the appearance of redness
  • Mannose-6-Phosphate helps to sooth and firm the skin
  • Hydrolyzed Wheat PFlour brightens the skin and helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots
  • Oligosaccharides helps maitain optimal hydration levels
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Vitamin C is a true skin care powerhouse. As one of the most potent antioxidants available, it’s scientifically proven to tackle changes in the skin that lead to premature aging.

Dermalogica’s supercharged BioLumin-C Serum is unique and delivers a powerful and ultra-stable Vitamin C complex exactly where it’s needed most in the skin.

  • Brighten the skin to reduce unbalanced pigmentation
  • Defend skin against visible free radical damage
  • Firm and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
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Phyto-Nature Firming Serum is a dual-phased formula, meaning it contains a lifting serum and a firming serum that work in two separate phases. The serum is crafted this way for the best efficacy and experience, and incorporates both oil-soluble and water-soluble actives.

With this combination of two serums in one, it works both quickly and over time to flash-firm, lift and revitalise the skin while reinforcing its defenses against your exposome. It bridges the gap by combating the appearance of extrinsic driven skin ageing. This dual-phase serum takes a whole new approach to natural skin care by reawakening and safeguarding the nature of youngerlooking skin.

  • Peptides helps firm skin and reinforce skin defenses against the extrinsic factors that cause ageing.
  • Plant-derived bio-extracts help prolong radiance, visibly revitalise skin and decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Phyto-Nature Technology, helps visibly tighten skin and helps to reduce the appearance of premature skin ageing.
  • Delivers an instant flash-filler effect with next-generation Hyaluronic Acid

Phyto-Nature Firming Serum delivers next-level performance and it's clinically proven to double skin’s luminosity and minimise the appearance of fine lines after just 1 application, while reducing visible wrinkles in 4 weeks.

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There can be many reasons we get breakouts as adults with the main reasons being chronic stress, adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalances. These breakouts can then lead to premature skin ageing.

One of the furstrating things about breakouts as adults, is the marks that are left behind. This is called Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) and its a common concern. It creates dark marks that can remain after a breakout has cleared. This not only prolongs the stressful experience of having adult acne, it causes uneven skin tone that accelerates the appearance of premature skin aging.

  • Time-Released Retinol (Vitamin A) helps increase skin resilience and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.
  • Salicylic Acid, a Beta Hydroxy Acid, reduces breakouts to clear skin. Argan, Rosehip Seed, and Golden Jojoba oils deliver lightweight, skin-friendly phytoactive lipids to soothe and nourish skin
  • Gives you a more vibrant clearer skin overnight
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If you need any advice about your skin, we are here to help! We offer complimentary zoom consultations (no zoom account needed) to help with your skin concerns face to face, from the comfort of your own home!

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About the Author

My name is Sarah and I am the founder of GLO Skin Body. With over 17 years experience, I believe a professional relationship with your skin therapist is crucial in helping you to achieve your skin care goals and to ensure your skin is always looking and feeling its best. Whether it's in person or through our online support, Im here to guide and support you towards your healthiest skin ever.

On a personal note, I am a Mum of 3 so I understand completely the juggles and balancing of life and family commitments . My goal is to help everyone have an effective and enjoyable home care routine that gets you the results you want...no matter how busy you are!


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