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What is Collagen and What is it good for?

What is Collagen and What is it good for?

Discover the importance of collagen, easy upkeep tips, and advanced products and supplements for lasting skin wellness. Your path to a firmer and glowing complexion starts here!

02 Jan 24

In the pursuit of vibrant and youthful skin, collagen frequently becomes the centre of attention as one of the most discussed topics in skincare. Serving as the fundamental protein responsible for skin elasticity and firmness, understanding the importance of collagen is crucial in our strive for a resilient and age-defying complexion.

What is Collagen?

Collagen, a vital protein made by our bodies, is everywhere – in blood vessels, teeth, nails, and more. It acts like a strong pillar, holding our skin layers together and resisting gravity.

When we're young, our bodies produce lots of collagen, keeping our skin smooth and plump with no fine lines. But around 25, collagen production starts to slow down. By our 40s, it can drop by half, and by our 60s, it may decrease by 70%. That's why youthful skin is so firm and smooth, while older skin loses its firmness, gets wrinkled, and changes tone. Understanding this helps us see how crucial collagen is for maintaining our skin's structure and vitality as we age.

What Factors Affect Collagen Production?

Besides the natural ageing process, a few other external factors can accelerate Collagen loss. Good news is, all of the factors below can be stopped by you today!

  • Sugar

As much as I try to ignore this fact when eating chocolate or drinking cocktails, it is brutally true. Once sugar gets into your bloodstream, it attaches to proteins that produce harmful compounds (called AGE’s) that break down Collagen and elastin. Accumulation of this attack to Collagen and Elastin eventually causes wrinkles and lack of firmness in the skin.

  • Smoking

Smoking decreases the synthesis of Collagen production and damages Collagen and Elastin fibres, causing sagging and premature lines. Smoking also contributes to what we call "smoker’s lines", which are vertical wrinkles around the mouth. These lines are created with the pursing lips draw on a cigarette over and over, causing Collagen and Elastin to be overused and age much quicker than other areas of the face. 

  • Sun 

UV rays penetrate deep into the dermis creating Free Radicals, which attack the skin structures destroying Collagen and Elastin fibres. Its another reason we should be applying our sunscreen every single day (even if sitting near a window)

Do Supplements Work?

In short, YES! Unfortunately in our busy lives and with the many stages of food production from harvest to our plate, we aren't getting the vitamins and minerals we need. The quality of nutrition we provide to our bodies significantly influences our skin.

It's important to know that the outcomes we observe in our skin are influenced not only by the daily use of skincare products but also by the nutrients we incorporate into our bodies.

3 Top Tips to Maintaining Collagen

  1. Sunscreen

To shield your collagen, make wearing sunscreen a daily habit—even during winter or when you're indoors by the window. Protection is key throughout the day. For extra defense, opt for protective clothing and seek shade during peak sun hours. Your collagen will appreciate it!

  1. Hydrated Skin

Hydrated skin is vital for preserving your collagen. Think of your collagen like a wet sponge. The more water the more plump and flexible the collagen is. 

  • Topical collagen-boosting ingredients

Think of ingredients like peptides, retinoids, antioxidants to stimulate collagen production and improves skin texture. 

Our Favourites for Collagen

  1. Preserves your skin's collagen, ensuring a resilient and youthful complexion. 

  2. Extends collagen life and provides essential hydration, laying the foundation for lasting firmness.

  3. Future proofs your skin against fine lines and wrinkles by actively protecting and preserving collagen, 

  4. Ideal for those in their 20s, 30s, and beyond.

  • Enriched with collagen-boosting peptides to help visibly tighten and firm the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Dual-phase serum. Phase one lifts and firms, while phase two renews and restores. This unique combination ensures a comprehensive solution to combat aging and collagen loss.
  • Leaves your skin visibly rejuvenated and radiant.

  1. Your go-to daily anti-ageing treatment and designed to combat internal and external factors affecting your skin. 

    • Skin Vit A+ defends with antioxidants, reduces oil, boosts collagen, and evens pigmentation.
    • Skin Omegas+ hydrates, smoothes, and is perfect for sensitive skin, including conditions like Rosacea or eczema.
    • Skin Antioxidant, encased in a purple capsule, is a powerful dose of protection against free radicals, acting like a moisturizer for your skin.
    • Skin Asta-Boost tackles wrinkles, pigmentation, and dryness, offering all-around protection.
    • CoQ10+ combines Coenzyme Q10 and French maritime pine bark for radiant skin, addressing hydration, elasticity, pigmentation, and providing excellent support for redness.

  • Boosts collagen production from within, enhancing skin elasticity and reducing fine lines. 
  1. Packed with five powerful plant-based ingredients, including Grapeseed Extract, Zinc, and Vitamin C that work together to strengthen collagen, minimise wrinkles, fight free radicals, stabilise collagen fibres, and stimulate synthesis for robust skin health.

  • Marine collagen peptides mimic fibroblast growth factors, stimulating cells to produce vital types of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

If you need any advice about your skin or guidance around the Dermalogica products or any of the nutritional supplements, please reach out to us


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