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Why Silk Pillowcases Should Be At The Top Of Your Christmas Wishlist

Why Silk Pillowcases Should Be At The Top Of Your Christmas Wishlist

10 Dec 20

Have you run out of gift ideas, or are you looking for a special gift to add to your Chrissy wish list? Look no further! A silk pillowcase is the perfect gift for all genders and age groups. Not only because of its luxurious, super soft feel, but a silk pillowcase can actually benefit your skin and hair too!

What are the benefits of a silk pillowcase?

1. Acne-free, sensitive free and wrinkle-free

Silk has such a smooth and flawless texture, that regardless of how much you move during the night, the friction between the pillowcase and your skin is minimal. Whereas with a cotton pillowcase, although you might not realise it, friction is created every time your head moves. This could worsen acne and inflammation (for sensitive skins) and contribute to fine lines and wrinkles. A smooth silk surface can reduce that effect in the long run.

2. Keeps your hair healthy

The minimum friction of a silk pillowcase benefits your hair too, helping maintain moisture while the smooth surface of the silk also stops your hair from getting split ends.

3. Locks in moisture

One of silk’s amazing benefits for the skin is helping keep moisture in, while some other fabrics actually removes moisture from the skin. Sleeping on silk will maintain your skin's natural moisture.

4. Protects your skin from allergens

Silk is the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics. It doesn’t attract dust mites and it resist dust, fungus, mould and other allergens. While other fabrics actually accumulate all those allergens, giving room for fungi, mould and bacteria to grow. This could be the initial cause of your skin concerns!

5. Regulates temperature

Silk has the natural ability to adjust to cold or hot weather. That'll keep you sleeping comfortably all year round.

Beautysilks Silk Pillowcases by Canningvale
  • Anti-slip cotton reverse design will make sure you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated every morning
  • Soft and smooth pure Mulberry silk is naturally hypoallergenic
  • Contains anti-ageing amino acids that can replenish treated or damaged hair and skin - all whilst you sleep.
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About the Author

My name is Sao, and I have been in the Skincare Industry for over 13 years. My background is Japanese, and in my time as a Skin Therapist, I have had the opportunity to work in luxury hotel spas both in Japan and Australia.

I have been fortunate to connect with clients from many different backgrounds and lifestyles. During this time, I learnt to understand the inseparable relationship between the skin's health and lifestyle, environment, mental space and genetics. That has given me an incredible level of passion and also motivation to be detailed in my consultations and to create personalised skin regimes.

I love results-driven treatments, but I also believe in relaxation and a sense of 'being cared for'. My approach aims to benefit skin, mind and body.


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