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Glo x Xtend Barre Collaboration Starting Healthy Habits – The Power of Professional Skin Treatments

Glo x Xtend Barre Collaboration Starting Healthy Habits – The Power of Professional Skin Treatments

What we do to our skin daily determines the health of our skin, but when we combine at-home skincare with regular professional skin treatments, we will see results soar! 

13 Apr 20

In the same way we combine healthy eating habits with frequent visits to the gym we see noticeable changes in our body and fitness, the same is true for how we take care of our skin. Seeing a professional skin therapist on an ongoing basis helps us to stay on track with our skincare goals and is also a great way to treat stubborn skin conditions, such as uneven skin tone and acne. Plus, it’s a must if you want to age smartly! What’s more, a professional skin therapist can help their clients understand what the underlying cause of their skin problem could be. This means you’re in a much better position to make big changes. 

An Ever-changing Landscape 

Something else to consider is that our skin constantly changes, just like the seasons! We’re not supposed to follow the same skincare routine our entire lives. We need to reassess and tweak as our skin changes, and as we get older, and this is something a professional skin therapist can support you with.

Powering Up in The Treatment Room

The skincare industry has evolved at a rapid rate. What is on offer in the treatment room is truly incredible. So what’s the difference between the skincare you use at home versus what’s used in the treatment room? For a start, it’s much more powerful. You’ll find the latest and greatest in ingredient technology as well as higher levels of actives that can only be used by trained professionals. These days, you’ll likely find machinery accompanies your treatment too. Technology has made its mark in the treatment room just as it has in our daily lives. Ultrasound is a popular technology and gently infuses serums and masques deeper into the skin. LED light therapy is also on the rise and is clinically proven to improve skin firmness and acne. We also see more invasive tools and procedures, such as skin needling and chemical peels, both of which stimulate the natural healing response to rejuvenate the skin. 

Education, Education, Education 

Before making your appointment to see a professional skin therapist, be sure to do your research. You want to find an expert you can trust and who can teach you to live in your healthiest skin. Dermalogica professional skin therapists have a reputation for providing personalised, results driven skin treatments tailored to your individual skin. They are the most highly trained professionals in the industry and undertake ongoing training to evolve their skill set and knowledge.

So how often should you have a skin treatment? Well, it's down to your skin concerns, but about every 4-6 weeks is an ideal time frame. 


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