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Glo x Xtend Barre Collaboration - Which Face Oil Is for Me?

Glo x Xtend Barre Collaboration - Which Face Oil Is for Me?

Oils have been used on the skin for thousands of years. They’re hydrating, soothing and healing properties are not new, but facial oils are very much on trend right now.

13 Apr 20

We see many oils formulated to have an ‘ultra-light’ feel so that even an oilier skin can benefit from the use of an oil in their daily skincare regimen. There are many oils out there, so it’s about knowing the right oil for you.

Skin Ageing

As we get older, our skin gets drier because it makes less oil. Not only can dryness feel uncomfortable, but it makes the skin more vulnerable, plus lines and wrinkles are more visible. What a drier or mature skin requires are heavier oils that deeply moisturise, whilst at the same time injecting a dose of protective and repairing antioxidants. Argan Oil, found in Dermalogica’s Overnight Repair Serum, is rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E, a conditioning antioxidant. Argan Oil is often referred to as liquid gold because it’s so nourishing and minimises the appearance of wrinkles.

Uneven Skin tone and Sun Damage

When we experience any form of skin discolouration, exfoliation is an important step to remove it. By boosting skin cell turnover, we can push the pigmented cells out of the skin faster. Rosehip Oil, also found in Overnight Repair Serum, possess natural exfoliating properties. It helps to regenerate damaged skin to promote a more even skin tone, a bonus; it also helps to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 


Most of us experience some level of dehydration frequently. Our skin gets dehydrated when we sit under air conditioning, when we put our face under hot water and when we use astringent ingredients on our skin. One way to stop moisture escaping is to seal in any gaps in our skin’s barrier with plant-based oils. Camellia Japonica Oil provides a feather-light feel to the skin and helps to reduce water loss. Found in Dermalogica’s Phyto Replenish Oil, it’s often called the “Rose of Winter” and is a member of the tea family.  


Sensitivity is on the rise! It can be caused by genetics, from incorrect product use and even from daily stress. Oats provide an antidote to the symptoms of sensitivity, reducing itch, redness and improving the health of the barrier. Dermalogica’s Barrier Defense Booster is highly concentrated with Oat Kernel Oil to help combat sensitivity and improve the skin’s barrier to support healthy-looking skin.

Oily and Breakout Prone Skins 

Despite an oil being, well, an oil, they can, in fact, help to control excess oil. If you’re of an oiler skin condition, you may be tempted to over clean or strip your skin. The outcome of this is more oil because the skin becomes dehydrated (lacking in water). Instead, swap the harsh cleanser for an oil-based cleanser like Dermalogica’s PreCleanse. A blend of plant-based oils will cling to, and break down, oil and grime on your skin. Once you add water to the oil, it will lift off the surface of the skin ready to be rinsed away. The result? Clean and hydrated skin.

Plant oils have numerous benefits for the skin. There really is something from every skin in the world of oils - choosing the right blend is just a matter knowing your skin and what you want to treat.


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