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Intensive Moisture Duo just got a power-up!

Intensive Moisture Duo just got a power-up!

With a commitment to healthy skin, Dermalogica’s newest cleanser and moisturiser duo provide much-needed relief and recovery for dry skins. Introducing the NEW and improved Intensive Moisture Balance and the NEW Intensive Moisture Cleanser.

20 Dec 19

Healthy skin comes down to having a healthy barrier. This essentially means the right balance of skin lipids and hydration, plus an optimal microbiome (bacterial community found on the skin). For those of us born with dry skin, or who experience dryness due to ageing, our environment or lifestyle, maintaining a healthy barrier can be a daily battle.

The Lowdown on Lipids

Dry skin comes about as a result of a lack of skin lipids. The skin’s barrier can be likened to a brick wall: the dead skin acts as “bricks” and the lipids glue the dead skin cells together like “mortar” holds the bricks together. These physical and chemical components build a resilient barrier that holds moisture within the skin and keeps irritants out. When you have less than the optimal amount of lipids, your skin becomes more vulnerable to moisture loss and extrinsic factors such as weather changes or pollution. This leads to signs of dryness such as flaking, dullness, roughness, tightness, itching, cracking and irritation.

With a commitment to healthy skin, Dermalogica’s newest cleanser and moisturiser duo provide much-needed relief and recovery for dry skins. Introducing the NEW and improved Intensive Moisture Balance and the NEW Intensive Moisture Cleanser.

Intensive Moisture Balance

Like the latest upgrade to your smart phone, Dermalogica’s long-standing dry skin hero, Intensive Moisture Balance, has been updated and advanced with the latest ingredient technology. Powered by a BioReplenish Complex™, the re-formulated Intensive Moisture Balance imparts a blend of specific skin mimicking barrier lipids for superior barrier restoration and recovery.

Along with the BioReplenish Complex™, the updated moisturiser now also boasts Dual Hyaluronic Acid. Different sizes of Hyaluronic Acid quench parched skins both at a deep level and superficially, to keep moisture locked in for the long term. Another new cosmeceutical is prebiotic Chlorella Algae Complex, which relives dryness by targeting the skin’s microbiome. It works by fostering good bacteria and inhibiting bad bacteria that leads to dryness.

Available in 3 sizes from Feb 1st. 100ml, 50ml and handy travel friendly 15ml. Shop today.

What is the Difference between Dry and Dehydrated

NEW Intensive Moisture Cleanser

When it comes to cleansing dry skin, many formulas either contain harsh surfactants that strip essential barrier lipids and perpetuate dryness or are too mild to thoroughly remove dirt and build-up on the skin. A game changer in the cleansing world, the NEW Intensive Moisture Cleanser is formulated with a cutting edge, lipid enriched cleansing system that deeply cleanses without damaging the lipid barrier. Along with featuring the strengthening BioReplenish Complex™, it’s also fortified with phytoactives from Coconut and Murumuru Seed Butter which further help to promote barrier resilience and leave the skin feeling silky soft. Along with these moisture rich ingredients, there’s also extracts of Citrus, Palmarosa and Jasmine that further soothe and reenergise a dull, dry skin.

For healthy, smooth and stronger skin, use Intensive Moisture Balance and Intensive Moisture Cleanser together, twice daily, morning and night.

A note on availability

Intensive Moisture Balance is available with our Pre-Sale offer until launch day 1st Feb 2019. Orders placed for the Pre-Sale offer will be dispatched to arrive around Friday 1st of Feb.

Currently Intensive Moisture Cleanser is currently only available in 295ml and in very limited quantities. Further stock will become available in March 2019 in 50ml, 150ml and 295ml.

Essential Cleansing Solution has been discontinued as part of the upgrade program.


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