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NEW! Say Hello to Sun Protection and Goodbye to Shine in Teen Skins!

NEW! Say Hello to Sun Protection and Goodbye to Shine in Teen Skins!

The NEW! Clear Start Clearing Defense SPF30 is the solution for teenage skins to get sun protected without clogging their pores!

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08 Oct 21

Sunscreen is an essential product for our skin. Every single day, no matter what day, what season, what month, we MUST apply sunscreen.

Getting teenagers to understand the importance of using sunscreen is key and they will be thankful later in life after years of sun protection.

A common skin myth about sun exposure:

A common myth is out there: UV rays clear up breakouts and oily shine.

In reality, breakouts and oil can worsen from too much sun exposure. The skin’s barrier becomes compromised, which leads to dehydrated, thirsty skin.

When skin lacks moisture, it responds by producing more oil, plus our skin’s natural shedding process slows, creating a build-up in the pores. So, the real impact of UV exposure is more oil and greater potential for breakouts. Plus, UV rays darken and prolong the marks on the skin left behind from breakouts.


Have you considered the impact of pollution on your skin?

We now know that UV’s not the only environmental element that can increase breakouts, and oil-pollution is also on the radar!

We’re learning more and more about the impact of pollution on our health, including its impact on our skin. Just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Often pollution particles are so small they can enter our pores and cause blockages. Adding to that, research has shown that people living in more polluted areas have higher levels of sebum than those living in less polluted areas.

The role of makeup in increasing breakouts!

And if these environmental aggressors weren’t enough, make-up, which is often used to disguise breakouts, can be a driver of congested skin.

Unfortunately, in our fast-paced lifestyles, it’s easy to neglect our skincare routine. Either we are going to sleep with our make-up on or using face wipes to remove make-up, which doesn’t quite cut it. The result? Tiny bumps or whiteheads on the cheeks, chin, lips and forehead.  

Damage + shine control all in one!

So how do you protect your skin from the environment and lifestyle habits that can make your skin more prone to breakouts and excess oil?

Introducing NEW! Clearing Defense SPF30. Part of Dermalogica’s Clear Start system, Clearing Defense SPF30 is a 2-in-1 moisturiser and sunscreen that’s proven to help shield skin from UV rays, pollution, make-up, and dehydration, all the while controlling daily shine!

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Say Hello to Sun Protection and Goodbye to Shine

It’s common for oiler skins to avoid wearing sunscreen because they can feel ‘gluggy’ on the skin.

  • Clearing Defense SPF30 will not clog pores. This shine reducing SPF moisturiser works hard to shield against the environment but feels incredibly light weight on the skin.
  • Designed to defend against UV rays and pollution AND acts as a barrier between oil-based make-up and your skin, to stop it entering and clogging.
  • It contains ingredients that help suppress oil production and mattify, so no more make-up sliding off your face…

Clearing Defense SPF30 is certified cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan and features cutting edge ingredient technology.

  • Patented TT technology, derived from Thyme and Terpinol, works with the skin’s natural microbiome alongside natural Tapioca, to help reduce shine.
  • Antioxidant Willow Bark Extract, Green Tea Extract, and Vitamin C combat the irritating effects of pollution on breakout-prone skin.
  • Natural Tapioca Starch mattifies, while plant derived D-Glucose keeps the skin hydrated. And the broad-Spectrum sunscreen defends against both UVA and UVB rays.

How to Use:

  • On clean skin, apply a generous amount of Clearing Defense SPF30 to the face, neck, and ears.
  • Clear Start’s Clearing Defense SPF 30 provides the perfect protection for young skins or anyone looking for an ultra-light sunscreen that keeps oily shine at bay.


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