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Which SPF is right for you? Part 2

Which SPF is right for you? Part 2

So, we covered half of the SPF products from Dermalogica. Here are the rest of the #spfwithebenefits products that we love for great protection from the sun all year round.

23 Dec 19

So, we covered half of the SPF products from Dermalogica. Here are the rest of the #spfwithebenefits products that we love for great protection from the sun all year round.

Ultra Sensitive Tint SPF 30

After cleansing, toning and moisturising you can apply this all over your face  30 minutes before sun exposure. It is perfect for sensitized, reactive and recently resurfaced skin. So, not only does it protect the skin from UV exposure but the ultra calming complex helps to reduce sensitivity, redness, irritation and inflammation.

Sheer Tint SPF 20

This creamy foundation delivers full coverage that lasts. Apply it over your Dermalogica moisturizer or it is a great match for Skin Perfect Primer SPF30. It is available in light, medium and dark skin shades and suitable for all skin conditions.


This silky smooth cosmetic, SPF, and treatment product has it all in one. It delivers maximum coverage of skin imperfections as well as protecting skin from sun exposure.

Oil Free Matte SPF 30

Do you have oily skin or break out prone skin? Then this is the best spf protection you can get that is sensitive to your oily prone skin. This Oil free matte is a broad spectrum sunscreen that helps prevent shine on oily and break-out prone skin. As with other suggested Dermalogica spf products, you can first cleanser, toner and then apply this moisturiser with spf30. The unique ingredients help to adsorb excess oils on the skin and soothe inflammation. It is lightweight, ultra sheer and helps to prevent shine throughout the day.


Skin Perfect Primer SPF 30

Do you have Mature or prematurely aging skin? Then this is an amazing product for you. It will smooth away fine lines, brighten and prime for flawless skin, and preps the skin for make-up application. There are peptides to improve skin firmness, spf30 for protection against UVA and UVB, and pearl powder with natural minerals to provide that neutral tint. This product blurs the lines between a treatment, a foundation and spf protection...simply awesome!

Pure Light SPF 50

This is part of our brand new PowerBright TRx range. It targets browns spots, discolouration and pigmentation. Not only does it target these skin conditions but it gives you maximum sun protection with spf50. It replaces the Pure Light spf30 in the Chroma White Range. Check out my blog that talks all about the new PowerBright TRx range.

Well that is the end of our SPF focus providing you will an overview of all our #spfwithbenefits products by Dermalogica. I hope you have found a few great products for your skin care needs. If you are still unsure, please contact us directly and we can talk about the best SPF for you.

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Don't forget to always wear your daily SPF products from Dermalogica, because they are your #spfwithbenefits.

Cheers Sarah


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