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Why Toning is the New Black

Why Toning is the New Black

The toners of today are entirely different to the toners from the past. Where it used to be the job of a toner to remove the pore clogging residue left over from cleansing, we now have toners that protect the skin, increase product absorption and deliver critical hydration. 

11 Apr 20

The Transformation of the Toner

With a mission to rid the skin of ingredients such as mineral oil, which was commonly used in cleansers, toners of the past featured skin stripping (SD) alcohol. For a lot of people, this left their skin dry and irritated, and so toners fell out of fashion and out of people’s daily skincare regimens.

Toners, much like many fashion trends, have made a transformational comeback. Unlike fashion trends, however, toners are back for good. No longer are we dealing with harsh astringents, but the majority of today’s toners infuse, or spritz, the skin with moisture, whilst treating specific skin challenges such as sensitivity and skin ageing. 

Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist

Your Skincare Hustler

Not only does your skin go thirsty without a toner, but it also inhibits the effectiveness of your targeted treatments and moisturisers. When you spritz your skin with toner and immediately apply your finishing skincare, you’ll notice your skin drinks up these products more readily than without a layer of toner on the skin. That’s because, just like a sponge, the skin absorbs and retains more moisture when its damp. What’s more, by applying a hydrating spritz toner, it prevents dry or thirsty skin patches, so you’ll only need about half the quantity of your moisturiser. Overlooking a toner in your daily skincare regimen means you’ll use more of your finishing products, plus, they won’t work as well as they could.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Along with upping your skins hydration levels and enabling your other skincare staples, toners today contain cosmeceutical ingredients that can help treat and target a number of skin challenges. In these now active products, you can expect to find antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and even age preventative peptides formulated into the mix.

Stringing Together your Skincare 

Toning is the missing link in your daily skincare routine. Once you’ve cleansed and/or exfoliated your skin, spritz with toner, and then whilst damp on the skin, follow with your remaining products. 

Ultracalming Mist Dermalogica

Your toner might end up being your favourite product. Why? Well, the modern spritz toner can be used outside of your skincare regimen. Whenever you need a skin pick me up, moisture boost, or simply to refresh your make-up, grab your Dermalogica toner and spritz away. This function makes them the perfect companion for anyone who finds themselves in an environment that sucks away moisture from their skin such as flying, central heating and air conditioning. And in the hot climates and months, you can pop your toner in the fridge over night for an uber-cooling and refreshing dose of moisture. 

Dermalogica pioneered the spritz hydrating toner all the way back in the mid-80’s. It’s original toner, which continues to be a hero today, is the Multi-Active Toner. This ultra-hydrating toner is ideal for all skins and instantly refreshes the skin whilst showering it with moisture attracting ingredients for long lasting hydration.  

Dermalogica now also has two additional spritz toners that help to treat sensitivity and prevent accelerated skin aging. The UltraCalming Mist is a redness-reducing spray that quickly relieves inflammation and discomfort in the skin. Alternatively, the ultimate all-in-one toner, Antioxidant Hydramist from Dermalogica’s AGEsmart system, drenches the skin with free radical fighting antioxidants, plus collagen stimulating peptides and flash firming actives!

Toners have come a very long way and in one sense are a totally different product from what they were. You’ll immediately feel the benefits of investing in a toner, and once you start spritzing, you won’t want to stop!


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