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Our Founder Sarah Shares Your Winter Skincare Essentials

Our Founder Sarah Shares Your Winter Skincare Essentials

The cooler months of the year tend to cause the most common changes in our skin. I often hear the question "Do I need to change my skincare in winter?". To help our skin be consistent, our skincare routine may need to adjust according to the season. Let's take a look at my top tips for winter skincare and the best products to boost hydration!

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04 Jul 21

Ahh winter! Warm fires, healthy winter soups and cosy blankets. Some of the things that make us all feel nurtured and loved. Similarly, our skin craves that same sense of security and tenderness during the colder months. Just as our surroundings adapt with the changing seasons, our skin also undergoes transformations, requiring a thoughtful adjustment in our skincare routine.

By providing our skin with the care it needs, we ensure its well-being throughout the year!


Man touching his skin, smiling while doing his skincare routine

What causes our skin to feel so different in winter?

The welcoming of the cooler months is where we see the most common changes in our skin (compared to any other time of the year!) and consistent feedback I hear is "My skin is feeling so dry"

Why does this happen? The main reason is when the air outside becomes cooler, the water in our skin evaporates more quickly, and this makes our skin feel tight and dry.


Other reasons for skin dryness in winter:


  • Hot and longer showers - Oh but they are so nice, I know! However, hot water melts our natural oils in the skin and it leaves us looking scaly and feeling dry.

  • Increased indoor heating - We want to be comfortable, but my advice is to be aware the extra heating can dry out the skin and also our mucous membranes which can lead to chapped/dry lips.

  • Not using a body moisturiser - When it's cold, all we want to do is get dressed straight away after jumping out of the shower! Our skin is then left dry without nourishment or hydration being replenished. Putting your body moisturiser on is essential in winter.

  • Not drinking enough water - Even when it's cooler, our body still looses water, yet we don't tend to replenish it like we do in summer.
Woman's face with dry, scaly skin peeling off
Woman looking in the mirror and doing her skincare routine

Does my skincare routine need to be adjusted in winter?

In short, yes, it does, in most cases and depending on your skin.

It's very common to have skincare products for summer and winter in your bathroom cupboard. Because our skin feels drier in the cooler months and experiences more dehydration, it's important our at-home skincare products provide some extra nourishment and hydration.

Additionally, when it comes to the oil on our skin, did you know that oil flow and hair growth slow down in winter?

This happens due to the decreased heat in the environment, which means less sweating and heat being produced by our bodies. So, when it comes to moisturiser, it's extremely common to move to a heavier moisturiser in winter, to compensate for this reduction in oil flow.


Our winter skincare essentials

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Dermalogica Micellar Prebiotic PreCleanse - Cleanse and nourish

  • Advanced formula that uses gentle micelles to remove makeup and impurities while nourishing your skin with prebiotics

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Dermalogica Super Rich Repair - To moisturise and repair

  • Like a heavy weight blanket that locks in all the goodness and protects the skin from the harsh elements of the winter

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Dermalogica Daily Milkfoliant - A gentle way to exfoliate

  • Suitable for all skin types especially senstive skin
  • Gentle polishes and smoothes and leaves the skin looking refreshed and calm


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Dermalogica Melting Moisture Masque - Your sleep-in masque

  • A balm to oil masque that melts with your body temperature to smooth, hydrate, repair and protect.

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Dermalogica Circular Hydration Serum - The cure for winter dehydration

  • Locks in hydration and promotes barrier protection.
  • Delivers natural hydration. Stimulates hydration from within
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Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream - To smooth and hydrate

  • Contains a gentle exfoliating action to smooth dry patches and conditions the skin to help lock in essential hydration... plus, it smells amazing!

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Omnilux - Rejuvenate and firm

  • Omnilux Light Therapy System Contour has been clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin
    tone and smoothness, and enhance overall skin health.
  • You can use and take this anywhere and in 10mins, your skin will feel rejuvenated and alive.

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Bestow Berry Beautiful - Skin Health from the inside

  • Boosting your protection is essential all year round and especially in winter.
  • A delicious berry powder that to protect the skin from the ageing affects of free radicals promoting youthful, radiant, resilient skin and a general feeling of health and wellbeing.

If you have been experiencing changes in your skin with the change of seasons and you need some advice, please reach out to us. We would love to help.

About the Author


My name is Sarah and I am the founder of GLO Skin Body. With almost 20 years experience, I believe a professional relationship with your skin therapist is crucial in helping you to achieve your skin care goals and to ensure your skin is always looking and feeling its best. Whether it's in person or through our online support, Im here to guide and support you towards your healthiest skin ever.

On a personal note, I am a Mum of 3 so I understand completely the juggles and balancing of life and family commitments . My goal is to help everyone have an effective and enjoyable home care routine that gets you the results you want...no matter how busy you are!


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