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The Best Masque Right Now!

The Best Masque Right Now!

Melting Moisture Masque is a leave-on masque that delivers a deeply satisfying melting sensation helps protect against damaging environmental factors for healthier-looking skin and helps restore dry skin’s lipid barrier.

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melting moisture masque
09 Apr 21

With the weather cooling down, you may notice that your skin is beginning to feel drier. If your skin is naturally dry, a harsher, colder climate can mean months of skin discomfort and dullness.

Just as we put on more layers to warm up when the temperature cools, we need to take the same approach with our skincare. Our skin craves more replenishment to offset the impact of a harsher, drying climate.

The Power of Oils

Oils are the antidote to skin dryness. Dry skin lacks oils, which leaves the skin more vulnerable and leads to irritation and sensitivity. This is because oils are the building blocks to our skin’s protective barrier – they provide the cement that envelopes our skin cells. For that reason, oils help to keep our skin strong, calm and healthy.

The skin’s oils also keep moisture locked in our skin, preventing dehydration. The topical application of oils for drier skin makes skin feel happier and healthier but by nourishing the top layers, the skin will look more luminous.

Dermalogica NEW Melting Moisture Masque - Let the Moisture Melt In!

Put an end to your Dry Skin with Dermalogica’s Melting Moisture Masque

Melting Moisture Masque is activated by the skin’s natural heat and quite literally melts into the skin for amplified absorption. This is due to the MeltingPoint Complex that allows the masque to transform from a balm to an oil on contact with the skin, infusing it with a cocktail of plant-based oils and delivering a satisfying melting sensation. This buttery rich masque is designed to be left on the skin for maximum nourishment.  

NEW Dermalogica Melting Moisture Masque

Hero Ingredients

  • Mango Seed Butter, Shea Butter, Mimosa, Sunflower and a Jojoba botanical blend are rich in plant-based lipids that can penetrate deep into the skin
  • Linoleic Acid is a form of Omega-6 fatty acid and helps to replenish and restore the skin’s lipid barrier, to promote a healthy functioning skin.
  • Plankton Extract, a micro-algae extract, has skin conditioning properties and helps to protect against skin-damaging pollution.
  • Vitamin E features to provide additional skin softening and antioxidant properties.

How to Use

Melting Moisture Masque is designed to be used weekly or as needed. Apply a pea-sized amount onto a clean face and neck, and massage into the skin. Tissue off any excess, if necessary. If applying during the day, be sure to use sunscreen over the masque. At night, you can layer a moisturiser over the masque.

  • A leave-on masque that delivers a deeply satisfying melting sensation
  • Nourishes dry, dull skin and helps achieve a smooth, healthy-looking appearance
  • Helps restore dry skin’s lipid barrier
  • Protects against damaging environmental factors for
    healthier-looking skin
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