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Light Therapy


IPL Hair Removal


IPL Hair Reduction

Using the latest in technology, our fast, safe & pain-free IPL machines deliver outstanding results. Treating most skin and hair colours our expert team will guide you through to permanent hair reduction.

Sessions timings will be discussed by your therapist and may differ according to the area being treated.

Book in for a Free Consultation and Patch Test and start your pain-free IPL journey to permanent hair reduction!

The Facts

How many sessions do I need to have to be hair free?

Everyone is different, but on average we recommend 8-12 sessions for the best results and 3-4 weeks between each session to ensure that all hair growth is gone.

Your therapists will help guide you on the best treatment plan to hair-free freedom!


How do I prepare the area prior to my appointment?

All you need to do before you come in is shave the area you are wanting to have hair removal.

If you are having facial hair treated, you do not need to shave the area and our therapist will clear the skin of any makeup.

I have blonde hair - can I still have IPL?

Our machine can treat light blonde, light brown and reddish tones. It does not treat grey hair.

Results may not be guaranteed with lighter hair or may need more sessions, but our therapist during your patch test consultation will be able to discuss results and the most effective treatment plan for you.

My skin is quite dark and I have been told that I cannot have laser hair removal. Can I still have IPL?

We work out your individual settings based on the Fitzpatrick Scale. The Fitzpatrick scale is a numerical classification diagram for human skin colour. It is a way to estimate the response of different types of skin to Ultraviolet light (UV). From here we will be able to determine if IPL is right for you.

This is included in our Consultation prior to a test patch, so come in and let us see if we can help!


When can't I have an IPL session (contraindications)?

Pregnancy, some medications and medical conditions.

Our therapists complete a thorough Consultation that will go through all the contraindications (reasons we shouldn't be doing a treatment) before you start the procedure.

If you are not sure, please consult of our Therapists or your GP

Can I still spray tan or suntan?

We recommend that you always wear SPF50 on the area you are getting treated.

We also recommend that no spray tanning or sunbaking for 2 weeks before or after a treatment session.

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