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Free Ultimate Gua Sha Gift when you spend $179+ sitewide

Free Ultimate Gua Sha Gift when you spend $179+ sitewide

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24 Apr 24


What's Inside?

  1. Phyto Nature Oxygen Cream 5ml Mini: Harnessing the potency of nature's botanicals, this oxygen-infused cream revitalises the skin, replenishing it with essential nutrients and promoting a youthful complexion. With its lightweight formula, it's the perfect canvas for your Gua Sha ritual.

  2. 2-in-1 Dermalogica Gua Sha Roller: Crafted with precision, this innovative tool combines the traditional benefits of Gua Sha with the soothing properties of jade. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to target specific areas of concern, while the integrated jade roller helps reduce puffiness and promote lymphatic drainage. Compact yet powerful, it's a must-have for any skincare enthusiast.

Why Gua Sha?

At its core, Gua Sha is more than just a skincare technique – it's a ritual of self-care that dates back centuries. By gently scraping the skin with a smooth-edged tool, Gua Sha stimulates circulation, releases tension, and promotes lymphatic drainage, resulting in a clearer, more radiant complexion.

But its benefits extend beyond the surface. Regular practice of Gua Sha can help reduce inflammation, improve skin tone and texture, and even alleviate stress and anxiety. It's a holistic approach to skincare that nourishes not only the skin but also the soul.

How to Get Your Ultimate Gua Sha Gift

Ready to embark on your journey to glowing skin? Simply spend $179 or more on our website, and the Ultimate Gua Sha Gift will be automatically added to cart – absolutely free. It's our way of inviting you to experience the transformative power of Gua Sha and embrace the beauty of natural skincare.



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