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Skincare For Dad: Father's Day Gift Ideas

Skincare For Dad: Father's Day Gift Ideas

Give dad the gift of healthy skin this Father's Day with these Dermalogica's best-sellers. After all, modern dads deserve more than socks and tools this Father's Day!

25 Aug 20

Help Dad take care of his skin this Father’ Day with some skin health essentials from

Men’s skin is generally oilier and can also be prone to sensitivity from shaving. Celebrate the
special man in your life with these hand-picked Dermalogica heroes, ideal for Dad’s skin.

Step 1: Cleansing

Cleansing is key to a healthy, balanced skin. It removes dirt, grime, bacteria and pollution from the skin, along with excess oil.

Here’s our top cleansing options for Dad:

Active Clay Cleanser

Clay based cleansers are great for oilier skins as they draw out excess oil and impurities
of the skin, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and squeaky clean. Active Clay Cleanser
provides a revolutionary approach to cleansing for oily skin. It combines mineral-rich clay
with detoxifying Activated Charcoal, PLUS, prebiotic technology and botanical lipids. The
result? A deep cleanse that doesn’t dry out the skin.  

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Special Cleansing Gel

You can’t go wrong with Dermalogica’s most popular cleanser, the Special Cleansing
Gel. Every skin can use this soap free foaming cleanser, but it’s the ideal option for a
combination skin – both dry and oily. It’s fluffy, light consistency means it can double up
as a shaving foam.

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Step 2: Moisturising

Everyone (yes, everyone!) needs to moisturise. Our skin’s barrier is made up of oil and water - both components being critical to skin health. If its water levels are low, the skin will respond by producing more oil (among other rebellious acts!). Our skin is constantly dehydrated by our environment, which is why a moisturiser is a daily must-have.

Here’s our top moisturising options for Dad:
Active Moist 

The perfect partner to Active Clay Cleanser, Active Moist provides a lightweight solution
for oily skin. This truly oil-moisturiser also features prebiotic technology helping to bring
skin back into balance.

Sold out

Calm Water Gel

An ultra-light weight, ultra-hydrating, gel based moisturiser that quenches the skin like a
cooling glass of water. This almost invisible moisturiser contains Dual Hyaluronic Acid
technology alongside soothing botanicals, making it a tremendous post-shave remedy
and daily moisturiser in one.

Sold out

Daily Boost: Sunscreen

UV exposure is the number one cause of skin ageing and damage. These harmful rays are
present all year, not just when it’s sunny! Dermalogica SPF’s are free from skin clogging fillers, colour and perfume, providing a wearable skin friendly solution.

Here’s our go to SPF for Dad:
Invisible Physical Defense SPF 30

It’s challenging to find a physical sunscreen that blends easily on all skin tones, but
Invisible Physical Defense SPF30 does the job. Along with protecting against UV rays, it
offers defence against blue light emitted from our smart tech, and contains a number of
plant based ingredients that soothe the skin. This multitasker is a guaranteed winner for
Dad! Apply over moisturiser during hours of daylight.

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And if you'd like to keep it simple for Dad to achieve healthy skin with Dermalogica's best-sellers, the GLO team have put together the Dad's Daily Drill Kit, with all Dad needs to get started on his Skincare routine - easy for you to choose and for Dad to use.

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Happy skin and Happy Father’s Day!


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